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Download of the Day: Emergent Task Planner 2007 (All platforms)

January 4, 2007



Productive designer David Seah is at it again, creating helpful printable forms for guiding you through your Most Important Tasks (MIT‘s) of the day – this time with the Emergent Task Planner PDF, updated for 2007.

Print out a stack of these suckers and each day write down your MIT’s, first thing in the morning – or even better, last thing at night for the next day. I’ve been using a printable daily to-do form myself recently (will share soon) and it’s a surprisingly great way to get focused and plow through your top priorities first thing. The Emergent Task Planner 2007 is a free PDF download, which you can (obvs!) open on any platform. — Gina Trapani

Emergent Task Planner 2007 Updates [David Seah]

Source: Download of the Day: Emergent Task Planner 2007 (All platforms)
Originally published on Thu, 04 Jan 2007 15:30:00 GMT